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Silk Development from Borland

After the success of Irresistible Film’s work for Borland Software Corporation last year – in which the character Frank Borland was reintroduced after a 20 year hiatus – Irresistible has teamed up once more with integrated B2B marketing agency, True to collaborate on a new Developer Carousel campaign for Borland and their Silk Portfolio.

Frank’s Twitter describes him as “lean, agile & ready to deliver the kind of software solutions that made Borland great.” In the new series of web-based content he does just that: Frank plays agony aunt, answering some age old developer questions.

Filmed at Spectrecom Studios in Waterloo the premise is simple but effective; a Q & A session set against an inconspicuous white background.


Creative Director: Charlie Meechan

Account Director: Cos Mingides


Director: David Waldman

DOP: Alex Reid

Producer: Georgina Cowley

Editor: Yann Green / Irresistible Post

Tesco Clubcard: Reward Yourself

Working together with Havas EHS, Irresistible have helped to create a series of engaging content for Tesco; showcasing the way in which people can save money and enjoy quality family time, by using Clubcard rewards.

Featuring the single ‘Stubborn Love’ by The Lumineers, the film highlights Clubcard rewards as the best way for achieving the most value from Tesco’s Clubcard vouchers.

With over 600 rewards available, experiences include Days Out, Entertainment, Shopping & Gifts and Travel.

For Irresistible Director Richard Pengelley, ‘the biggest challenge lay in achieving the correct tone; shooting a film that had a dreamy / memory quality,’ whilst still appealing to Tesco’s target audience. The film ‘had to have emotion to it; music is key to hitting the right quality, and Havas helped nail that particular tone early on, so we knew what notes to be hitting with the visuals. It also had to have a heart-warming feel to it too, not too comedic but with enough humour to help bring a smile to the face while not distancing the viewer…i.e. keeping it gentle and emotive with heart.’

Reward his heroics or her patience with Tesco Clubcard Rewards.

For more information, visit Tesco’s website.


Creative Director: Mike Eggers

Art Director: Aaron Howard

Copywriter: Alex Hess

Agency Producer: Barbra Drummond-Hay

Account Director: Emma Langford-Lee

Account Manager: Donna Ede


Director: Richard Pengelley

DOP: Olly

Executive Producer: Matt Nelson

Editor: James Cheetham & Peter Welton / Irresistible Post


Artist: The Lumineers

Track: Stubborn Love

There’s Something Irresistible in the Air

One of the most important elements in creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere is fragrance. As leaders in air care, Air Wick understand that fragrance is important throughout the year, but especially over the holiday season, as millions of homes use it to create a festive ambiance, and one that is truly reflective of the essence of Christmas.

In preparation of the approaching festivities, Air Wick has released their Christmas campaign to launch their limited collection of seasonally inspired fragrances, available across all key products, designed to perfume and decorate the home with a sophisticated charm.

Created by Havas EURO RSCG, the drive has incorporated above the line content for broadcast, in-store point of sale visuals, print and digital activity, of which Irresistible handled the brands TVC and ITV idents content production, working together with director Phil Taylor. The campaign will run until the end of the year, distributed across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The adverts feature two of Air Wick’s key products; Freshmatic and Colour Changing Candle, focusing on the seasonal Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple fragrance. With the smell of spices and Mulled Wine being such an iconic part of the festive season, Air Wick have delivered a range of seasonal offerings that once again keep them at the forefront of the sector.

There’s something in the Air Wick!


Director: Phil Taylor

DOP: Luke Scott

Executive Producer: Matt Nelson

VFX: Absolute

Pro-Streets with Converse

Join in with Converse as they launch their Pro-Streets Campaign: a Europe-wide game inviting participants to celebrate their local area by demonstrating their most original moves. Talents spanning dance, skate flips and MC battles, will be captured via special cameras and uploaded to the Pro-Streets website. Individuals can go on to support and promote their favourite films, at the end of which, the areas with the most incredible talent will be celebrated.

Working together with marketing agency Amplify; specialists in strategy, experiences and amplification, helping brands pioneer the untraditional and turning consumers into brand fans, Irresistible Films have created a 60 second piece of digital content that encourages individuals to engage with the brand and submit videos in which they demonstrate various urban sports.

Positioned across Facebook and YouTube, and in-store across London, the video is designed to not only explain the competition, but to also increase traffic to the brands Facebook page and drive competition submissions.

Launched at the beginning of October, all that’s left to do is…Make Your Move.


Director: Jonny Grant

DOP: Kit Fraser

Producer: Luke Plaister

Post: Yann Green / Irresistible Post


Unicyclist: Jason Auld

Yoyo Freestylist: Krisztian Kalusza

Female Beatboxer: Bellatrix

Britain! Prepare for Zombies…

In a bid to promote this year’s Halloween-themed offerings, UK bakery chain Greggs, has launched their new marketing campaign titled ‘Britain Prepare for Zombies: Only Humans Allowed’.

Featuring zombie incarnations of a businessman, a tourist, a delivery man, a street sweeper and a policewoman, walking towards a Greggs outlet, the film witnesses their attempt to walk inside, leaving screaming consumers in their wake. It is up to the Store Manager to deter these zombies from entering the premises, enforcing the message that Greggs’ baked goods are for Humans Only!

Working alongside digital agency STEEL, leading advertising and retail agency Gratterpalm and integrated agency Havas PR, Irresistible Films were approached to create a digital piece of clickable content that reflected the humourous side to this seasonal festivity.

Positioned across Greggs’ website and their YouTube channel, the ad is intended to drive consumers to the brands Facebook page, which will update audiences as to future zombie sightings.

Supporting the digital work over the next few weeks, will be a series of 14 live sampling events held across the UK, touting the retailer’s range of ‘pumpkin doughnuts’ and ‘spooky ringbuns’. Consumers who go onto engage with the brand via the Facebook page, uploading photos of themselves with the zombies, will be entered into a larger prize draw, run by the brand.

On developing the creative, Irresistible Director, Paul Maynard states: ‘The aim was to utilise Halloween to do something a little different for Greggs in order to capture and excite a new audience.

Zombies were requested to feature in the promo, [however] one issue [existed in] that zombies are essentially flesh eating monsters, and that’s what people enjoy about them. Obviously, for a family friendly baker, an acceptable level of horror had to be decided upon without limiting the viewer’s experience too much.

Developing a street experience idea sourced by Gratterpalm, we essentially let a range of character zombies loose on the streets in Earl’s Court, London. The action culminated as the 5 zombies crossed the threshold into Greggs and shocked their beloved customers. As with anything where you utilise public reactions, the film is as much about the experiment as it is the result: the fun of simply doing this and seeing what happens.’

On working with Irresistible, Greggs Marketing Communications, Lewis Calvey, adds: ‘It’s been a pleasure working with the team…and sincerely feel [that] we have a strong video here. Moreover, I think it pretty much echoes exactly what we wanted from the brief, so we’re really pleased at Greggs with the quality of the video produced.

Thanks to Georgina for all her organising and ensuring the shoot went according to plan, and to Paul and Jenn at Gratterpalm and Rosie at STEEL for their valuable creative guidance.

Let’s hope [that] this video really drives our Halloween campaign!’

First launched on 3rd October 2012, the advert and all experiential happenings will feature until the 31st, with an aim of achieving a target hit rate of 100,000 views. Thanks to some very realistic prosthetics, mood elevating weather, and a two-day turn around in Post, has ensured that this digital counterpart delivers a chomping message for Greggs.


Director: Paul Maynard

DOP: Matt Shaw

Producer: Georgina Cowley

Post: Peter Welton / Irresistible Post


Courier: Nathan Clough (A&J Artists)

Traffic Warden: Chloe Graham (Marlowes Agency)

Road Sweep: Nigel Harvey (R V Management)

Business Man: Sukesh Khosla (BMA)

Tourist: Joyce Veheary (Actors Alliance)


Artist: Nick Ingman and Terry Devine-King

Track: Rising Mercury

Drive The Change

London-based Irresistible Films have been working with Publicis’ branded content division, Publicis Entertainment, to develop a new global identity for broadcaster Renault TV. Created by roster creative team and channel branding specialists, Wonder, the redesigned Renault TV logo sees the migration of the main channel brand from Renault TV to RTV. The new branding is implemented across the numerous platforms where Renault is distributed, including satellite television, online and associated apps for smartphones, and tablets on the iOS and Android platforms.

The rebrand comes three years after Renault introduced the pioneering branded content channel, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on Sky in the UK and on Canalsat, Free and Alice in France, as well as via Renault’s website and various associated social media sites.

Wonder’s Tim Platt explains: ‘Our challenge was to realise Renault’s ambition to be a true entertainment brand, finding a solution that would liberate their free spirit and embrace the core values of dynamism, playfulness and spontaneity that have made them one of the world’s most innovative brands.

Our aim was to entertain and surprise the viewer at every opportunity and to create an identity that is constantly changing and with endless possibilities.

Our solution, was to capture this essence in an abstract way using only shape, colour and movement. The new look is clean, concise and beautiful, retaining warmth and humanity through fluid fun and energetic movement, and subtle use of audio.

At the heart of the concept is the new RTV logo, it is the catalyst that drives the identity, and the starting point for all elements.’

Publicis Entertainment, part of the Publicis Network, was created to link up advertising, content creation and distribution. Publicis Entertainment brings brands innovative communication tools including multi-platform content channels, ad-funded programming, product placement and teleshopping. The division offers brands a one-stop shop for creative content development, production, channel management, technical delivery and brand metric reporting.

In working with Irresistible, Publicis Entertainment’s Director of Content, Dianne Glynn, goes on to state: ‘The process was smooth, [and] they responded well to our brief…adapting with good humour and never-ending patience. They were great at communicating throughout the whole process and keeping us all to schedule. The end result looks great and is a testament to their creativity and their ability to understand and adapt to client needs.’

The full ‘on air’ identity includes idents, promos and OSP, launched on 24th September 2012.

Irresistible Help Heineken ‘Crack the Case’

With anticipation mounting for the global release of ‘Skyfall’; the 23rd instalment in the James Bond adventure franchise, due out in the UK on 26th October, Heineken, the world’s leading premium beer brand, has launched an interactive TV, digital and print campaign titled ‘Crack the Case’, starring Daniel Craig and new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe.

As an homage to previous Bond films, the campaign challenges consumers to defy Bond’s enemies and ‘Crack the Case’, all whilst travelling aboard an epic train voyage through a spectacular vista of snowy mountains. From where the TV advert leaves off, the virtual experience continues across YouTube and Facebook, with the stunning Berenice inviting users to ‘Crack the Case’ by executing a series of challenging tasks whilst simultaneously protecting it’s contents from menacing villains.

The global campaign offers a personalised interactive experience across multiple platforms via a combination of TV and digital films, providing users with the opportunity to become secret agents themselves, and actively encouraging participation and discovery with the brand.

Created by advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, the ‘Crack the Case’ TVC Campaign was directed by award-winning Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen, and shot at Shepperton Studios. Irresistible Films were approached to create the digital counterpart, intended for use on YouTube and Facebook, working on / alongside the TVC stages and with Berenice herself, further elevating the level of production values brought to the campaign as a whole.

Irresistible Director, Jonny Grant, tells us: ‘Following a very successful collaboration shooting Lionel Messi in Barcelona for Pepsi, I was delighted when Matthijs and Chris from MJZ asked us to partner with them again on this exciting project. With a vast set stretching across two of Sheppperton’s colossal studios and some world class talent, we had all the ingredients to put together a really great piece of interactive content.

Working with the creative team from Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam as well as the inimitable input of Creative Directors Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, was genuinely a great pleasure and a very productive partnership. Coupled with the amazing set and great cast, we set forth to create a witty, interactive adventure, rewarding users with hilarious clips from our bumbling Russian villains and a funny, ego-stroking finale.’

Alongside delivering content across digital, social and owned media platforms, the offline execution for the campaign will see the drama of the virtual experience brought live, to a global audience in October. Heineken will host unique experiential events in iconic locations across several markets, inviting members of the public to participate in nerve-testing challenges to win exclusive prizes and share in the excitement as we look forward to the global release of ‘Skyfall’.

Experience your very own mission here: YouTube & Facebook


Director: Jonny Grant

Producer: Matt Nelson

Frank Borland is Back!

Working together with integrated B2B marketing agency, True, Irresistible Films have produced an introductory film to re-establish Borland Software Corporation as leaders in software development, through awareness generated around the character Frank Borland.

Borland recognises that developers and developmental organisations need to define, manage and measure software delivery processes based on unique needs, tools and preferences, working to identify the requirements, test and change management solutions that help companies build better software, faster.

Frank first appeared in advertisements during the 80s, helping to shape Borland as a dynamic company that tackled the biggest of software companies, promoting software such as Sidekick and Turbo Pascal.

Usage of the film will be geared towards targeting Borland’s CRM system of 40,000+ software developers. According to Frank, Borland creates testing software that works together with pre-existing tools in a non-restrictive or forcefully changing manner, offering simple yet powerful functionality.

Frank’s vision is simple: Keep it open. Don’t make it big, make it better. Focus on the user experience. Meet every platform need. Make it affordable. Listen to the community.

Creating, developing and delivering better software, Frank’s return coincides with some key breakthroughs that will see Borland deliver new releases faster, alongside creating test tools that help deliver smooth and engaging consumer experiences.

Borland is focused on extending their web and mobile testing capabilities across a range of platforms, helping to drive testing effort down and minimise time to market. Through application performance testing, Borland aims to bring exciting ideas and new releases to market through a cost effective model, placing affordable, powerful tools in the hands of the user.

Frank, and more directly, Borland’s, intent is to listen to the developers to deliver what’s really needed. On Frank’s return, Borland hope to bring to light some game-changing plans for software in the test environment and enterprise space.

Shot on location in Geneva, Switzerland, the film was captured in real-time, then reversed in Post, meaning Frank pretty much learnt his script in reverse, making for one serious come back!

Director: David Waldman

Producer: Luke Plaister

Editor: Nick Dunn / Irresistible Post

Colgate – A Day in the Life…

Irresistible teamed with agency VML to create ‘A Day in the Life’ film for Colgate Total, following Kate, an aspirational lady who just loves to walk around parading her clean teeth.

Laden with tracked graphics demonstrating key facts about Colgate, the film encourages the viewer to pay attention because these facts form answers to question in a competition to win a Mini Cooper and a year’s supply of Colgate.

Shot on the F3, with a couple of Arri primes, and two days on location; one being in a pre-built set at Wimbledon Studios… ‘A Day in the Life’ demonstrates how Colgate Total is the best toothpaste to help protect your teeth and gums from bacteria for up to 12 hours.

Delivering An Irresistible Voice For Farming

The NFU is the largest farming organisation in the UK and is a champion for British farming. It is a respected institution that campaigns for the farming community, along with providing professional representation and services to all its members.

With this in mind, Irresistible director Georgia Oakley wanted to create a film that drew inspiration from the hilarious Monty Python sketch ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’ Highlighting the many vital roles that farming plays in the UK, including raising 7 billion pounds for the UK economy each year.’

Simon Day from ‘The Fast Show’ was cast as the lead character who questions what farming delivers for Britain. He begins by being almost indignant, but quickly, he almost persuades himself and turns into a strong advocate of what Farming does for the country, turning his initial question completely on its head.

The Irresistible team worked with DOP Kit Fraser, to transform a farm shop near Leamington Spa into a hazy, picturesque cafe using cracked oil and a lot of gingham! Irresistible Post’s Luke ‘1000′ Aldrich cut the film and added the final touches in the form of chalk board animations to illustrate Simon’s points. ‘So when you see farming delivers, now you’ll know what they mean.’